D27L Tire Inflator Operation Video:

D27L Tire Inflator Operation Video of Lighting Functions:

Some things that may help you enjoy the product better, here are some usage tips:

1. It is with multiple lighting functions, please follow below steps to operate (shows on page 6 of user manual):

1) Turn on the SOS light, please quickly double-click the fifth button (from the top).

2) Turn on the top LED light, please long press the fifth button for 3 seconds.

3) Turn on the side fluorescent light, please long press the first button for 3 seconds

Note: if you meet any issue you can't resolve, just contact us, we will provide the perfect solution as soon as possible.

2. The "UNIT" button (the fifth from the top) has 3 functions, please follow the steps below:

1) Switch the tire pressure unit: Single press

2) Turn on/off the SOS light: Quickly double-click

3) Enter/Exit LED light mode: Long press for 2 seconds. When the LED light mode is turned on, single press the button will enter flashing status

PS: When the top LED light is turned on, the tire pressure unit cannot be switched by single pressing the button

3. Compatibility:

The portable tire inflator can be used for all family cars and SUV, but not for trucks!


4. The installation of needle:

1) The needles are connected to the “inflatable tube” instead of connecting to the inflator directly;

2) When install the ball needle, please ensure the end of the ball needle be flat with the “inflation port” of “inflatable tube”, don’t stick it in.


5. Heating protection:

Since continuous work will damage the product's motor, we set the motor after 15 minutes of continuous work(Generally, it doesn’t need to be used for such a long time) and overheating protection function (Over 135 ℃) will be activated, wait for 15-20 minutes to cool down,then you can use the inflate function again.


6. Tire pressure detection and display:

1) If choose “PSI” unit, it can be accurate to single digit, so if you want to display more accurately, please choose “KPA” unit;

2) If the tire pressure is not displayed on the display screen, please check whether the trachea is tightly closed with the valve core. 


7.Use of air hose:

1) Open the "foldable button" of the inflation tube, and then buckle it on the valve core of the car tire;

2) After hearing the sound of the tire leaking, press the "foldable button" to keep the inflation tube and the car tire tight;

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