Small and Powerful

Mini body completely doesn’t take up any room. Especially equipped with a 24-cylinder air cylinder to provide maximum pressure of 150 PSI and airflow of 38L/Min!

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Q:It looks small,How long the tire inflator pump up one tire?

A:It is really smaller than an iPhone 13 pro max, but it also has great power to inflate a tire up quickly. It just take 1 min to inflate a 185/65/R15 tire from 25-36PSI.

Q: Is the pressure measurement of this product accurate?

A: Sure, the built-in pressure sensor is using high-precision MCU analysis technology, the voltage detection is accurate to the mV level. Real-time tire pressure detection, auto stop, safer and easier

Q: Are this compressor tire inflator autostop values preset or can user specify autostop pressure?

A: This tire inflator portable air compressor have Auto-stop function, You can set the tire pressure according your need or default value, the air pump for car tires will autostop when it reach to the set tire pressure!

Q: How do I store the product?

A: Our tire pump have a storage bag, it is convenient for you to store and carry anywhere!

Q:What kind of cars can it inflate?

A:It can use for all family cars and SUVs. But not for trucks!

Q:Will it stop automatically when reach the target value?

A:Yes, it will.