This is TekGine, a team that believes that technology can make life more convenient.
We hope to become the powerful engine of every car enthusiast through advanced technology.
In the world of TekGine, hope you can enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by technology.

New Release

Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor

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Dual Power Tire Inflator

  • Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor

  • Dual Power Tire Inflator

  • D26 Portable Tire Inflator

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  • TekGine
    TekGine Brand New Inflator is coming!
    Tins time we bring a brand new inflator and adopted stunning design and packaging!
    Of course, the function is also super powerful!
    Please look forward to this exciting upgrade!
    With TekGine With Technology and Convenient Life!

  • We are so excited to introduce you the our new brand--TekGine
    Tekgine is made up of two English words: tecnology and engine. We hope that through the power of science and technology, we will become the power engine of every intelligent car enthusiast!

  • TekGine is a powerful, compact, versatile tire inflator that can be inflated anytime, anywhere, which is stronger, faster, and brighter! Our new generation of tire inflators makes tire inflation more efficient and easier than ever!
    ---150PSI max pressure
    ---4 preset modes
    ---6000mAh of power
    We are coming very soon!
    Come and join us!